Educational Videos

No matter how great your physician is, you are your biggest health advocate! Here at Wellish Vision Institute, we want to ensure that you are fully prepared and educated on what procedure(s) you have elected to partake in. Watching videos beforehand gives each of our patients a better and more thorough understanding of what to expect. Here you will find videos on both eye conditions that you may have and eye care procedures that we can perform. If you are researching changes in your vision, then these videos may also help evince why those changes could be occurring. Whether you’re a current, pass, or future patient of Wellish Vision Institute, we hope that these educational videos inform you and ultimately maintain your good vision.

Our practice is renowned for skill in diagnosing and treating cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye. We are also very well-known for all-laser LASIK in the Las Vegas area. For LASIK  in Las Vegas, we have videos on how to prepare before the procedure, what to expect during the procedure and how life will be post-surgery. Most of the services we offer are available to watch beforehand so you as the patient can get a visual more hands-on experience. If there is not a video for what you are looking for in particular then please reach out to our office so we can ensure to give you a detailed explanation in person or over the phone.