Be Prepared for Your LASIK Surgery

Wellish Vision Institute LASIK

Prepare yourself for LASIK surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada or Henderson Nevada

Wellish Vision Institute wants to make sure their Nevada patients are prepared for LASIK surgery. It is a quick and easy surgery that permanently corrects the imperfections of the cornea and improves vision. It takes about only minutes to change your life. If you are considering doing LASIK, here are a few things to avoid while preparing for yourself to experience the Wellish Difference in Nevada.

Avoid wearing any makeup during your LASIK surgery, this can increase your chances of getting infections and also slow the healing process. Make sure to have cleaned/washed your face and eyes, and wear absolutely no makeup when you come in for your appointment. You may also need to wear no makeup before and after the surgery, depending on your doctor’s instructions.

You may be asked to not wear contacts 2 – 3 weeks leading up to your LASIK surgery. This is due to the fact that your cornea will take the shape of your contact lenses over time. During your LASIK surgery, it is important that your eyes are their natural and original shape in order to improve the accuracy of the surgery.

When it comes to your vision, don’t settle for anything less than the very best. Dr. Kent Wellish was the #1 choice for LASIK in Las Vegas, more than any other LASIK practice in Las Vegas. We want to make sure our patients are well educated and feel at ease with their decision to get LASIK. Be sure to do your research and remember our goal; Real care for real people: that’s just part of the Wellish Difference.

LASIK has helped millions of people correct/improve their vision and reduce their dependence on contacts or glasses. We can do the same for our Nevada LASIK patients as well. Change your vision and your life by calling the Wellish Vision Institute today at 702-733-2020 to schedule your consultation.