Do You Need LASIK?

Las Vegas LASIK surgery patient

Q: I’m tired of eyeglasses and contacts! I want to get LASIK but I have reservations. I don’t even like putting contacts in. Will the procedure be uncomfortable? Is it safe? What if I accidentally close my eyes during the process? Also, how can I afford it?

A: These are all common questions and concerns with patients considering LASIK. It’s important to remember that LASIK is a medical procedure and only you can ultimately decide if it is the appropriate choice for you. The good news is not only is LASIK incredibly safe, the doctors at Wellish Vision Institute are highly educated and have performed thousands of LASIK procedures. Wellish Vision Institute has been nationally recognized and houses a Nevada “Top Doc,” and the number one Las Vegas LASIK surgeon, according to a peer poll of area eye doctors.

Eyeglasses and contacts can be burdensome. The hassle of remembering to bring your eyeglasses, the struggle of misplacing them or breaking them, placing contacts in and removing them to disinfect them, not to mention the continual cost of maintaining eyeglasses and contacts. You are not alone in your desire to find an alternative. Many people have the same frustrations and decide to get LASIK so they can immediately have clearer vision without being bothered to take additional steps!

Just like with anything else, LASIK will have an adjustment period. It probably took you a while to get familiarized with placing your contact lenses but you’re able to do it now. The same will likely apply with getting comfortable with LASIK. However, many of our patients find waking up with clearer vision pretty easy to get accustomed to!

As far as pain during the procedure, you won’t have to worry! Medicated eye drops are used prior to surgery to thoroughly numb the eyes. It is important to note that the average LASIK procedure lasts less than 10 minutes total. You will likely only feel one sensation throughout that process and that occurs during the first step. In this step you might feel pressure but no pain and the feeling generally lasts for less than a minute.

The medicated eye drops used to numb your eyes prior to LASIK also work to decrease the natural urge we have to blink. So don’t worry about accidentally closing your eyes mid procedure. A device is also used to ensure that your eyes remain opened while the surgery takes place.

As far as being safe, LASIK has successfully been performed for decades and according to the FDA, no one has ever become blind as a result of a LASIK procedure. Less than one percent of individuals have serious complications and even among that low percentage, serious complications can usually be corrected.

The start of the year is a great time to consider LASIK! Having clearer vision is a wonderful resolution for the New Year. We have several financing options and are also offering $1,000 off all-laser LASIK this month, so now is a perfect time to schedule a free LASIK consultation. What do you have to lose?