Floaters and Flashes – Be in The Know!

Your favorite eye care center in Las Vegas wants to make sure you are in the know about your eyes! Learn about these eye symptoms from Wellish Vision Institute!

What are Floaters?

Have you ever seen a small speck or dot in your field of vision? Or maybe felt that your vision is cloudy? These are called floaters and can be seen when focusing on an area like a blank wall or looking up at an open sky. These floaters are composed of clumps of cells or material that can fill up the inside of the gel-like fluid in your eye.

Floaters cast shadows on the inside of your eye, which makes them look like they are on the top of your eye. They appear in all shapes and sizes, such as a spot, speck, dot or web, drifting across your field of vision. If you suddenly notice an increase of these floaters, or if they start to affect your vision, you need to see your doctor or optometrist immediately.

What are Flashes?

Flashes across your field of vision can simply be seeing a flash of light shaped like jagged lines. This usually happens about 10 to 20 minutes before getting a painful migraine/headache. This becomes more common as we age and get older. But, these bolts of light can also indicate something much worse, a retinal tear or detachment.

If these flashes of light occur pretty frequently, or seem to happen all of a sudden, it could be an indicator of a detachment and lead to potential vision loss. This won’t cause any pain and may seem to be harmless, but it may be difficult to even see because they are often small and at the edge of your vision. Just to be sure, visit your doctor or optometrist for an eye exam to rule out any major vision impairments like retinal tears and detachment.