Premium Lenses – Worth it or not?

Las Vegas LASIK surgery patient

Q: I am 100% certain that I’m going to have cataract surgery, but I have yet to decide on a lens. I know that they are not cheap, and that they are not covered by insurance. Are they worth it?

A: The short answer is yes; the long answer is that it just depends on your situation.

We like to look at it this way: your eyes are your most important sense, and choosing a premium lens can be thought of as an investment in that sense. There are very few investments a person can make that they will actually use every waking moment of their lives, but a premium lens is one such investment. You will always use it, and it will give you a better chance of having good vision – perhaps even 20/20 vision without glasses. When surgeons nowadays implant a premium lens, their goal is 20/20. In other words, we have begun to look at cataract surgery as not only a medically necessary surgery, but also as a refractive procedure. Unfortunately, medical insurance will not cover refractive procedures, therefore the out-of-pocket expense always rests with the patient.

Wellish Vision Institute does what it can to make premium lenses a viable option for patients. We do offer financing options to pay for them, so when you make your decision, don’t look at price as an obstacle that you can’t overcome. Make the decision that best fits your situation, because we perform the same surgical steps either way. Our general advice is this: if it’s something that you can afford, then it’s probably something that you will want to have.