Astigmatism Correction

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When undergoing cataract removal, our doctors remove the cataract and replace it with a standard IOL that is powered for your eyes’ unique prescription. In many cases, patients don’t have to wear distance glasses for driving or watching television.  However, if a patient has corneal astigmatism, which is very common, the astigmatism must be addressed, or patients will still typically have to wear glasses for distance and near vision.  For patients with mild astigmatism, our doctors will perform an LRI or Limbal Relaxing Incision. For patients that require stronger amounts of astigmatism correction, a Toric lens might be best for them. Your surgeon will discuss all your options during your cataract evaluation.

As mentioned, a toric lens has different abilities in different meridians of the lens to correct the unequal amount of nearsightedness or farsightedness in different parts of the eye that is characteristic of astigmatism. Here at Wellish Vision Institute our surgeons are known to have the greatest accuracy in the placement of a toric IOL, and we recommend laser cataract surgery.

LRI procedure is another option that is offered at Wellish Vision Institute and occurs when one or more arc-shaped incisions are made near the cornea of the patient’s eye. This procedure reshapes the cornea into a more spherical shape, ultimately eliminating astigmatism from the patient’s vision. Our goal here at Wellish Vision Institute is to help eliminate any vision problems you have all during one procedure.