Cataract Technology

Premium IOLs

Everyone’s vision is unique, and everyone’s needs are different. So it’s important to find the right IOL for you and your vision so you can achieve the best results possible. At Wellish Vision Institute, with a premium IOL, we say, “Your eyes don’t have to act their age!” Most patients who choose this lens can do most things, most of the time, without glasses.

Below are some premium IOL options we offer here at Wellish Vision Institute.



The ReSTOR lens is a fixed lens, meaning it is nonmoving. The ReSTOR IOL is amazing and can offer patients excellent near and distance vision with little to no dependency on reading glasses or bifocals.

Unlike traditional IOLs, the ReSTOR lens uses apodized technology for a full range of vision. This lens is an excellent option for patients who want to reduce or eliminate glasses after cataract surgery.


Tecnis Multifocal

The Tecnis Multifocal IOL is an aspheric optic that has advanced multiple power rings built into the lenses. This advanced technology reduces glare, improves visual clarity, and allows patients to reduce or eliminate their need for glasses following cataract surgery in nearly any light condition, even in low light. This lens can give patients excellent full range of vision – near, far and everything between.



The Crystalens is a premium IOL that moves like the natural lens of the eye. This accommodative effect allows some patients to see at virtually all distances with little to no dependency on glasses or contacts. When you undergo cataract surgery, our surgeons will remove your cataract lens and replace it with an artificial lens. When patients elect to have a Crystalens implant, they reduce their chances of needing glasses for distance vision or reading glasses or even bifocals for reading vision. The Crystalens has built-in hinges that can be moved with your eye muscles, allowing patients to have more natural vision.

The Crystalens is often the chosen lens for patients who drive a lot at night and want to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses after cataract surgery.

Targeted Monovision with NanoFLEX or other Conventional IOLs

Unlike many traditional IOLs or lens implants, the NanoFLEX is aspheric by design, with a curved surface, meaning the quality of vision can be even better for your eyes. NanoFLEX is made of Collamer®, a collagen material that is biocompatible and has amazing antireflective qualities. This means better and sharper vision while driving at night, compared to some traditional lenses.
This treatment plan is an excellent choice for those who are fine with reading glasses, but want a better quality of distance and midrange vision.

Limbal Relaxing Incision

A Limbal Relaxing Incision or LRI is able to treat patients with low to moderate amounts of corneal astigmatism. During this procedure, your surgeon will make a very small incision on the limbus. The limbus is where the white part of the eye (sclera) and the cornea meet.



A Toric lens implant is used for cataract patients who have higher levels of corneal astigmatism. If patients with astigmatism wish to reduce or eliminate the need for distance glasses following cataract surgery, the Toric lens is an excellent option! This lens does not correct for presbyopia or the ability to read without glasses, so reading glasses will still be needed.