Not a Candidate for LASIK?


If you checked out LASIK in the past and were told you weren’t a candidate, that may no longer be true. We invite you to come in and enjoy our free VIP LASIK exam at our office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some patients who were previously told that LASIK was not an option for them can now be treated using newer technology available here at Wellish Vision Institute. If you truly aren’t a good candidate for LASIK, Wellish Vision Institute can still offer several great alternatives.

PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is the ‘original’ LASIK, so to speak. When the excimer laser was approved by the FDA, PRK was the actual procedure that physicians used to perform before LASIK. Unlike LASIK, PRK does not require the creation of a corneal flap. This is good in that it requires fewer steps for the surgery and preserves the corneal integrity, but it is bad in that the recovery time is significantly longer.

Advanced implantable lenses, including EVO ICL or ReSTOR, can allow patients to achieve better vision who aren’t LASIK candidates. The Visian ICL is an ‘implantable contact lens’, although the ‘C’ in ‘ICL’ actually stands for collamer, a biocompatible polymer. Clear lens extractions or refractive lens exchanges simply follow the steps that patients take through cataract surgery, resulting in improved vision. These are recommended sometimes for older patients because a secondary benefit to these procedures is that the patient will never develop a cataract.

If you’ve been shot down for LASIK elsewhere, come see us at our state-of-the-art Las Vegas practice in Spring Valley. You might find that your luck has changed.