Patient Testimonials

I have been in the Service Industry for over 30 years and I have made many visits to Medical facilities for appointments, treatments, etc. I would have to say that the staff at Wellish Institute and the Doctors are super fantastic. They should make a customer service video on how to effectively run a facility and sell it to some of these other places in Vegas. I wanted to do LASIK for a while, but wasn’t comfortable with a few places that I visited. Then 2 of my wife’s friends had their eyes done by Wellish Institute, and they loved it. I was still a little hesitant. But after the consultation and exam, I was totally impressed and ready to go.


LASIK Patient

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II, and had to start getting annual check ups. The staff and the doctors were fast and efficient. Then My Mother in law moved down to Las Vegas from Washington. She had cornea replacement surgery before moving to LV and was unable to find a doctor that took her insurance and also would take over the work that another doctor had started. So when it was time for my appointment I took a chance and asked if they took her Insurance which they did; and they also had a doctor there that would take her stitches out and provide her with continued care. AWESOME!


Cornea Patient

I’m so glad I chose Wellish Vision Center for my LASIK! The staff is very professional and knowledgeable! Everyone made me feel very comfortable, always explaining everything and always answering my questions. I highly recommend them to everyone. I still can’t believe that I can see without glasses or contacts! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done! Thank you so much for everything!!! :)))


LASIK Patient

I just wanted to drop you note to say “THANKS”! My experience with the Laser Vision Correction performed by you has been nothing short of extraordinary!!!

In December of 1997, I was scheduled for my left eye surgery. I remember being very nervous, and thinking I could live with scratchy contacts for the rest of my life. I went through with it, and boy am I glad! I arrived anxiously for eye surgery. I was escorted to a comfy chair, where Dr. Wellish put drops in my eye to numb the area. That was easy, next I was led to the station where the laser was. I was told to sit back, while they inserted a retainer into my eye, so I wouldn’t blink. To my surprise, the retainer was no big deal, and I was told to focus on the red light. I heard a series of popping sounds while Dr. Wellish performed the surgery. The whole surgery took less than 20 seconds… I was amazed! During the surgery I felt NOTHING!!!! I couldn’t believe it when Dr. Wellish said he was done. “Is that all?” I asked. “Yep, you’re done!” said Dr. Wellish. He told me to sit up and read from the eye chart, my eye was seeing 20/20. My whole world changed! I was now able to see individual leaves on trees and look at someone directly in the eyes when I was called upon. The surgery has made my career as a dancer easier. I am able to find my marks with ease. Dr. Wellish opened up a world to me that I may never have known, and to that I am extremely grateful!!

I have recommended Laser Vision Correction and Dr. Wellish to many other performers in the Entertainment Capital of the World. I want others who are dependent on contact and glasses to see what I see today…thanks to Dr. Wellish!

gina, miss greater Los Angeles 1998

Laser Vision Correction Patient

On Friday, 4 February, Dr. Kent Wellish performed a bilateral LASIK procedure. In a short 30 minutes my vision went from 20/2000 uncorrected to about 20/40 uncorrected. My vision continued to improve daily until, as I write this, my vision is 20/25. The six year old in me found the world again only this time without glasses or contacts.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Wellish and his staff. I could have chosen other ophthalmologist to perform this surgery and they all would have been happy to do this for me. I have personally seen the work Dr. Wellish performs and as a participating optometrist we have exchanged and managed many patients together. I am impressed with the expertise and care that Dr. Wellish provides his patients.

His experience and training leave him unsurpassed by many of his peers. His caring personality makes the patient comfortable and relaxed, (and there exists no worse patient than another doctor), creating an aura of confidence that you are being provided the best care possible. His staff are as dedicated as Dr. Wellish, each of them contributes to the experience making the patient calm. I can now with confidence discuss the option of laser vision correction with my patients, and send them to the best. From the depth of my heart I thank you Dr. Wellish.

Conrad Lochner III, OD

LASIK Patient

I thought you might like to know the wonderful results I’ve had since my laser vision correction. As you are aware I am an avid trapshooter and just a short time after my surgery I won first prize in the North American Handicap Trapshooting Championship held here in Las Vegas. My prize as the short-yardage champion? A NEW CAR!!!

As a trapshooter my vision is very important, and being a former contact wearer a lot of things would affect my ability to focus on the targets, which are slightly smaller than a saucer and fly around 40-45 miles per hour, dust particles, dry lenses, not to mention the correct prescription. Do I attribute my recent accomplished in trapshooting to my laser surgery YOU BET I DO!!

The surgery took minutes. I couldn’t believe it was so easy. I was so excited after the procedure; I sat at home watching the cable TV programming channel – something I couldn’t see clearly even with my contacts or glasses. I recommend Dr. Wellish and his team whole-heartedly, they made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Thank you so much for suggesting this remarkable service.

Ron Stewart, 2nd Handicap Championships (Las Vegas 4.27 - 5.2.99

Laser Vision Correction Patient

I woke up and for the first time in my life I could see my alarm clock. This has changed my life. I am so incredibly happy! I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I could see the leaves on the trees outside in my yard, the neighbor’s yard and even the next yard. I could take a shower and read the labels on my shampoo and conditioner. This is the first day of the rest of my life. The staff at the Wellish Vision Institute was fantastic! As a health care professional I expect nothing but the best care. I expect the most detailed information. I expect the most competent staff.

When I came here to the Wellish Vision Institute I received all of that and more! I would highly recommend this center to anyone thinking of having this procedure. And after fully understanding all that is involved in laser eye surgery, all the detail, all the hard work, I would never let my loved ones go anywhere else. I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all the staff involved in my care. Vision is such a precious thing and all of you truly value and respect the vision of your clients. I had the best customer service. You all went above and beyond. Thank you for your care, your time, and giving me the gift of vision. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. Thanks again.

Kellie Phillips

Laser Eye Surgery Patient

Dear Dr. Wellish, I just wanted to thank you so much for your outstanding skills in working with my son, Jim. His vision since his Lasik surgery is so much improved, and he still says, “It’s a miracle” just about every day!

As you know, 2 1/2 years ago Jim was involved in a head-on dirt bike collision with his best friend, Dave Taylor. Dave was killed instantly. It was a freak accident, as both were experienced riders wearing full gear.

They just happened to be at the exact same spot at the same time. Jim sustained a brain stem shearing, and was not expected to live. He was in intensive care for a month, and the prognosis was very grim. He then spent nine months as an inpatient in a rehab hospital in Reno. He was on a ventilator for 6 weeks, and a feeding tube for 3 months. He made very slow but steady progress.

After his nine months as an inpatient he was moved to Las Vegas for a day therapy program. Unfortunately the only way Medicaid would pay for the program was for Jim to be institutionalized in a nursing home for another nine months. As you can imagine, seeing a 28 year old, formerly vibrant and active young man in a nursing home with old people was devastating for not only him but also his family.

Jim had worn contacts before his accident, but his injury changed his vision. He suffers from nystagmus, where his eyes jump around, so he had to wear glasses. With his glasses he could only be corrected to 20/70. Since you performed Lasik on me with outstanding results just one year earlier, I was excited to see if Jim was a Lasik candidate. On Jan. 30th 2003 Jim had his LASIK.

The surgery went well, now his eyes are both crystal clear and his vision is great. He now sees 20/40. We have noticed a great deal of improvement in Jim’s balance since Lasik. His accident has severely affected his right side with a great deal of spasticity, but his walking has greatly improved since his vision is better, which only makes sense. His short-term memory is also severely affected, so he still asks where his glasses are. When I ask him if he can see, he gets a big smile on his face when he realizes he doesn’t need contacts or glasses. This surgery has truly changed his life for the better!

We expect Jim to continue to improve. He is a fighter with a great spirit, and he’s been blessed with people like you in his life. Again, thanks so much.

Chris Boody

LASIK Patient