The Wellish Difference

As Nevada’s first Laser Vision Surgeon since 1994, Dr. Kent Wellish is truly a “doctor’s doctor”.  He has been voted a Top Doc for LASIK by his peer physicians on multiple occasions.  He continually invests in the latest technology to ensure he can offer his patients the very best results.

Dr. Wellish is the #1 choice for LASIK for local Eye Doctors and their families, more than any other LASIK center in the Las Vegas area.

Dr. Wellish has a flawless track record with the FDA.  He has been honored locally by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and nationally by  And he has been interviewed on local TV news shows as an expert on LASIK and related procedures.

Dr. Wellish has trained more than 100 local area eye doctors in all aspects of laser vision correction so that you can have the option of returning to the care of the eye doctor who knows you best at the appropriate time after your procedure.

Wellish Vision Institute has been located in Las Vegas, Nevada on Flamingo road for 25 years and has been fortunate to open up an additional two locations in Las Vegas and just down the street in Henderson, Nevada.  Dr. Kent Wellish founded the practice in 1994 and Wellish Vision Institute recently just celebrated our 25 year anniversary.  The second location is the surgery center considered the “west location” and it was opened in 2009 to the public and to all patients. Our newest location is in Henderson, NV only a short distance from the other two locations and is our most state of the art and advanced practice Wellish Vision Institute has. This new location has only been open for a little over a year and has been a successful practice for Wellish thus far. We look forward to the continued growth of our three locations and hope to grow even more moving forward.

Our Doctors

Here at Wellish Vision Institute, we pride ourselves in having some of the most precise and experienced eye doctors in Las Vegas & Henderson. Along with MDs, our practice also has multiple optometrists including Dr. McCandless, and Dr. Chiapa. Having a wide range of doctors at our practice helps put Wellish Vision Institute above others and gives our patients a wide range of services and doctors that we can offer. Dr. Kent Wellish, founder and medical director, is proud to work next to all of these talented professionals.


Real care for real people: that’s just part of the Wellish Difference.