What Do You Know About Presbyopia?
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COVID Protocols
We welcome you back with us at Wellish Vision Institute with open arms 6 feet apart and face masks! Here[...]
Diabetic Retinopathy- Are You Aware?
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What To Expect Post LASIK
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November Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month
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Halloween Eye Safety Tips and Tricks
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Healthy Vision Aging Month
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Cataract Awareness Month
The board of optometry has marked June as the official month to bring awareness to cataracts. Cataracts are clouding of[...]
Healthy Vision Month
Summer is here, which means more outdoor activities, events, sports, and sunshine! Stated from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, May[...]
Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month
Who doesn't love to play sports? We all do! Sports is a fun way to interact with others, build friendships,[...]
Do You Need LASIK?
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Which Premium Lens is Best For You?
How to choose the best premium lens implant for your lifestyle. For adults that have been diagnosed with a cataract,[...]
Prevent Diabetic Eye Disease!
Keep Your Eyes Healthy To Prevent Diabetic Eye Disease (Diabetic Retinopathy) The most common eye disease among diabetics is diabetic[...]
Glaucoma: The Silent Disease
Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. It usually happens when fluid builds up[...]
Food for Thought: Eating for Healthy Eyes
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Cataracts: Knowing the Symptoms
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Be Prepared for Your LASIK Surgery
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Color Blindness
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Dry Eye Syndrome
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Floaters and Flashes – Be in The Know!
Your favorite eye care center in Las Vegas wants to make sure you are in the know about your eyes![...]
Excellent Article on Ending Blindness
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Wellish Vision Now Using iStent
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Premium Lenses – Worth it or not?
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Ask Dr. Wellish, the Las Vegas Cataracts Surgeon
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Laser Vision Correction in 2014
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Ocular Allergies – FAQS
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Cataract Surgery, 2014
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