Premium Lenses

Your Eyes Don’t Have to Act their Age

During cataract surgery, following the removal of the cataract, an artificial lens is placed in the eye. Traditionally, this lens is monofocal, meaning it focuses at only one distance. These lenses provide good cataracts_old_coupleresults, and many patients can drive and perform many everyday activities, but patients will require the use of reading glasses or bifocals to have a full range of vision. For patients who want more visual freedom from glasses, the Wellish Vision Institute also offers our patients premium IOLs (intraocular lenses). These amazing lenses can be mult
ifocal (like built-in bifocals) or accommodating, meaning they can change their focus, much like your natural lens did, to allow you to see well at different distances. Many people who choose premium IOLs have excellent visual results following cataract surgery. Most premium IOL patients can do most things, most of the time, without glasses!