Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Eye doctors have performed over 20 million LASIK eye surgeries in the United States. This revolutionary procedure can improve your vision and free you from the burden of wearing contact lenses or prescription glasses. But how much does LASIK cost?

Many factors affect the cost of LASIK, including location and the technology used by your eye doctor. However, the average LASIK cost ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per eye. That might seem expensive, but you can save money in the long term by not buying contacts or glasses.

Wellish Vision Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, is committed to making LASIK accessible and affordable for all patients. We offer a variety of payment plans and free consultations to ensure you’re an excellent candidate for LASIK. You’ll also receive state-of-the-art care from our experienced eye surgeon and his team.

Dr. Wellish Ophthalmologist performing medical eye exam on patient

Scheduling Your Free LASIK Consultation

If you’re interested in laser vision correction, you can get started by scheduling your free LASIK consultation with Wellish Vision Institute. During your appointment, the eye doctor will:

  • Review your medical history, including previous surgeries
  • Ask questions about your hobbies and lifestyle
  • Test your vision
  • Identify the source of your visual errors with innovative iTrace Technology
  • Map your corneas
  • Check eye pressure
  • Evaluate the tear film coating
  • Answer questions like, “How much is LASIK eye surgery, and what are the risks?”

This comprehensive eye exam also tests you for corneal abnormalities and conditions that could affect the outcome of LASIK eye surgery, such as dry eye disease and dysfunctional lens syndrome. If you have a corneal issue, Dr. Wellish will provide treatment before scheduling your surgery to ensure optimal results.

During this consultation, Dr. Wellish will also determine if you’re an ideal candidate for LASIK. He may recommend alternative vision correction procedures better suited for your unique cornea shape and lifestyle, such as photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) or refractive lens exchange (RLE).

LASIK Savings Calculator

What is the lifetime value of LASIK? We understand that LASIK can feel costly, however, over time LASIK can quickly pay for itself when you look at the money you can save. Find out if LASIK is more affordable than glasses or contacts.

LASIK could save you

on glasses & contacts
over your lifetime
*Calculation includes $50 for contact lens solution, glasses case, and other miscellaneous items per year; $130 (per year) for a pair of prescription readers for anyone 45 years or older. Annual exams are not included in the calculation. We have factored in the average US lifespan of 79 years. Your numbers may vary.

*Calculation includes $50 for contact lens solution, glasses case, and other miscellaneous items per year; $130 (per year) for a pair of prescription readers for anyone 45 years or older. Annual exams are not included in the calculation. We have factored in the average US lifespan of 79 years. Your numbers may vary.

Steer Clear of Discount LASIK Providers

Many national LASIK chains advertise low-cost procedures for as little as $200 per eye. You may be tempted to choose the cheapest option, but don’t get lured in by false promises. Most people pay much more than the advertised LASIK surgery cost at these bargain clinics.

If you read the fine print carefully, you’ll discover that low-cost LASIK centers typically tack on additional fees for things like:

  • A higher prescription
  • Pre- and post-op appointments
  • Use of advanced technology
  • Customized treatment
  • Treatment for astigmatism, dry eye, and other conditions
  • Prescription eye drops
  • Facility fees
  • Financing fees

These extra costs add up quickly, so you may end up with a much higher bill than expected.

And that’s not all. Bargain LASIK centers also deliver a lower quality of care than specialty clinics like Wellish Vision Institute. Your surgeon may lack experience performing LASIK procedures, increasing the risks of the procedure.

Additionally, national chains often use outdated LASIK technology and only allow patients to choose between LASIK and PRK. The average PRK eye surgery cost ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per eye, but this procedure has a longer recovery period.

Prioritize Expertise and Quality Over Price

Your eyes and vision play a vital role in your happiness and health, so investing in a high-quality LASIK procedure is worth it.

Unlike national chains, Wellish Vision Institute has no surprise fees. We don’t change our prices based on your prescription, and you won’t have to worry about extra costs for eye drops and other necessities.

Plus, you’ll receive top-notch care from an experienced LASIK surgeon. Dr. Wellish is a fellowship-trained cornea specialist who has performed laser vision correction procedures since 1994. He uses the latest FDA-approved technologies to offer a variety of surgeries, so you can feel confident you’ll receive the best care.

Covering the LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

Patients interested in LASIK often ask two common questions: How much is laser eye surgery, and how can I pay for it? Insurance companies typically consider LASIK an elective procedure, which means most plans don’t cover this surgery. As a result, patients frequently pay most or all the cost of LASIK out of pocket.

Wellish Vision Institute is committed to making LASIK and other vision correction surgeries affordable for patients of all income levels. That’s why we offer several convenient financing options to fit any budget. For instance, you may pay $0 down and 0% interest for 24 months. You could also qualify for an extended payment plan that includes payments as low as $62 monthly for 48 months.

You may also be able to use your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account to pay for LASIK eye care and other vision correction procedures.

Is LASIK Worth It?

Most people consider LASIK eye surgery a worthwhile investment. This surgery can significantly enhance your vision by correcting common refractive errors, including astigmatism and nearsightedness.

LASIK can give you the freedom to get up in the morning without the hassle of putting on contact lenses or glasses. Also, you’ll see more clearly while swimming and playing sports without the assistance of visual devices. You’ll never have to worry about your glasses sliding off your nose while you jog or getting water in your contacts during a family pool day.

Additionally, LASIK often pays for itself in only a few years. You can say goodbye to recurring expenses like contact lenses and prescription glasses. Over a lifetime, these costs can add up to tens of thousands of dollars — far more than the cost of LASIK.

Is LASIK Worth It at 30?

People in their 30s often worry that they’re too old for LASIK, but your 30s are actually the perfect time to get laser vision correction surgery. That’s because your vision typically stabilizes during your 30s, making you a better candidate for LASIK.

Also, getting LASIK in your 30s allows you to enjoy decades of clear vision and makes staying active as you age easier.

Embrace Better Vision With LASIK

Don’t wait to enjoy the benefits of improved vision. Learn more about LASIK and get an estimate for your laser eye surgery cost by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Wellish Vision Institute today.