Other Services

Dr. Wellish

At Wellish Vision Institute, we take your vision care seriously. As such, we offer treatment options for a wide-variety of ocular conditions to meet your visual needs. From corneal transplants to lens implants and inlays, we go above and beyond to provide the treatments you deserve.

If vision correction is what you are needing and LASIK and cataract surgery is not for you then you have still come to the right place. Our doctors here at Wellish Vision Institute will ensure spend ample time diagnosing you with the correct procedure needed and go through all of the steps needed to complete that procedure.

If you are interested in any of the services below make sure to give our office a call so we can set up an appointment with the corresponding doctor that fits your specific needs. We have three convenient locations throughout Las Vegas so wherever you are located, we are near.

Corneal Transplant