Dry Eye Syndrome

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What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Common symptoms include dry, scratchy, burning sensations in your eye. It may also feel like you consistently have something in your eye. The scratchy dryness is caused by your tear glands not producing enough tears to adequately moisturize your eyes, or the chemicals in the tears cause them to evaporate.


Don’t let these symptoms interfere with your day to day activities, there are ways to help treat Dry Eyes! Some mild symptoms can be helped with artificial tears, medicated drops, or warm compresses, but if the problem persists it may be time to consider other options.

There are temporary and permanent plugs that can be inserted into the inner corner of your eye to prevent the tears from draining out. PROKERA may also be something to consider. PROKERA is a safe, no-risk device that effectively heals the cornea and get rid of conditions such as Dry Eye.

Wellish Vision Dry Eye Self-Test

Not sure if you have Dry Eye? Try taking our self-test to see if you need to see your ophthalmologist at Wellish Vision Institute.

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