Color Blindness

Your Las Vegas Eye Care Center, Wellish Vision Institute, wants their patients to be informed about their eye care. Wellish Vision eye specialists want you to know the facts about color blindness.

Color blindness is a color vision deficiency, which causes people’s perception of colors to differ from everyone else. Most people who experience color blindness don’t know unless they are tested. It can be diagnosed through a range of tests. Being completely color blind is rare, most people experience color blindness to a certain range of a specific color.

This can be caused by either physical or chemical damage to the eye and it can be inherited. Development of cataracts can also contribute to color blindness because it starts to cloud and yellow your vision. Men are more prone to being colored blind, and it is most common in the red and green spectrum. A higher percentage of men are color blind because they only have one X chromosome, whereas females have two. Color blindness is inherited on the X chromosome.

As of right now, there is no cure for color blindness. Special sets of lenses can help people to see certain spectrums of color better, but they are still limited.