Cataract Progression Rate

Cataract surgery is needed when a patient has cloudy or blurred vision to the point where the patient cannot see while driving or interferes with normal daily tasks. The main symptoms of cataracts are difficult to read and driving becomes an issue. If any of these symptoms become present then it is time for the patient to come in for a cataract exam within any of our three convenient locations.

Stages of Cataract Surgery

There are many stages of a cataract and it now does not have to be “ripe” in order for the cataract to be removed. With the up-to-date technology that Wellish Vision Institute has our surgeons can now remove a cataract at any stage in its development. It is very important for the patient to come in as soon as possible to see how far along the progression of the cataract has developed and which course of action for surgery the surgeon would like to take.

At Wellish Vision Institute in Las Vegas, we perform cataract surgery using phacoemulsification. What this means is that we use high-energy ultrasound waves to break up the cataract, which we then gently remove and replace with a permanent, artificial lens. In most cases, eye drop anesthesia is all that is needed to stay comfortable during the process. Following surgery, many of our patients see a dramatic improvement in their vision after only a few hours.

Premier Surgeon Magazine honored Dr. Wellish as a leading innovator in the field of Premium IOL  and Cataract surgery. Wellish Vision Institute is also Nationally Recognized as a Bausch and Lomb Crystalens Center of Excellence.